Hygienic Geared Motors

The food and luxury food industry is confronted with a constantly growing challenge. The world population has reached nearly seven billion people and the UN anticipates further growth of 79 million people per year in the next five years. The Un assumes that the world population in 2050 will be more than nine billion people. Furthermore the worldwide demand for high quality food is increasing dramatically, primary due to the rapid economic advancement of the newly industrialised countries. This means that food production must increase by nearly 50% in the coming decade.

Accordingly, the food and luxury foods industry must adapt itself to the new situation. Increasing productivity and production volume will become more critical. In order to maintain product quality and if possible improve it during this development, absolute process reliability is essential. No company can afford protracted disruptions due to hygiene problems in production.

For this reason, the requirements for production plants and equipment are becoming more and more stringent. Only those companies that can achieve a harmonious balance of increased productivity and process optimisation will be able to prevail in this growing market. Bauer has found this balance with the aseptic concept. With optimal cleaning characteristics, completely smooth surfaces and very high energy efficiency, we are ready for the future.

In the hygiene-sensitive segments of the food and luxury foods industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry, drive systems are usually located in the same area as the open product flow. This leads to very stringent requirements for hygiene concepts. The drive units should be readily accessible and easy to clean. In addition, they must have the best possible resistance to commonly used cleaning products. Cleaning strategies involving the alternating use of acidic and alkaline products should be taken into account here. Air turbulence generated by the drive, and the associated air circulation, is another problem that should not be taken lightly. 

If in addition the drive system is located above the product, there is a risk of direct contact with the product and contamination of the product cycle. In this situation, special attention must be given to proper hygiene, and bacterial growth on surfaces must be avoided under all circumstances.

With more than eighty years of experience in designing drives, Bauer is a recognised and respected partner in drive engineering. The special aseptic product line, developed specifically for the food industry, promises the highest production hygiene by taking the typical challenges facing this industry into account.   




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