Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between OE, OEM and Aftermarket Parts?

An OE part is the original equipment part that comes with the OE packing and part number.
An OEM part is an original equipment manufacturer part, meaning it is the same part made by the same company the same way with the same material that the OE factory specifies and is one of the companies that makes the part for the OE.

An OEM part will come with OE part number as well as their own part number and packing.

An aftermarket part is a part that should fit but is a copy or replacement made by other non-OEM manufacturers.

Are your products OE original?

All products sold are sourced directly from our OEM partners. They are original and similar to the OE products.

Do you supply aftermarket products?

Yes, at the request of the customer we can also supply you with aftermarket products.

What is your payment terms?

We accept payment by PayPal and bank transfer. For PayPal payment there will be a charge of 4% of the product price.

What kind of products can I buy here?

We hold physical inventory for wheels, component for the common M Series, SPC Series engine cooling pumps, B2000 Series geared motors component, brakes, AVRs and all overhaul parts for the viscous vibration dampers.

Do you take orders for small quantity/value? And what are the shipping charges?

Yes. We accept small order quantity & value subject to minimum order surcharge but all shipping charges are calculated according to its total shipping weight & location to be delivered to.

Is Country of Origin or Certificate of Conformance available?

Yes, they are available on request and charges may apply.

Do you sell only components?

No, we can supply complete engine cooling pumps, geared motors and viscous vibration dampers as well as electro-magnetic brakes, alternators, blowers and flexible couplings.

What else can I find in the website?

The website provide download for technical information on our products and links to our partners’ resource centre.

How do I search the part from your website?

You can search by our article number, OEM part number, equipment model or by description etc.
However, if it’s not found in the website, please write to us & we will try our best to assist.




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